Shenzhen Great Dragon International Forwarding Co., Ltd Is a collection of sea, land, air cargo import and export report on integrated logistics freight forwarding company. Our customers in every corner of home and abroad.

Great Dragon land transport services——Land transportation service is mainly engaged in container trailer and bulk cargo transport, and has a well-trained professional team and the transport of goods under customs control ability, mainly in the pearl river delta as the core service scope, hunan, hubei, Shanghai, Beijing, fujian and other operations.

Dragon air service——Air freight business mainly to undertake all types of air cargo transportation and related documentation operation, with major airlines have close relations of cooperation, also has the strong airfreight price advantage, agent DHL, FEDEX, UPS,EMS, the global express delivery business.

Dragon import and export customs clearance service——Import and export goods customs declaration is mainly agents various types of cargo clearance, ZhiJian, commodity inspection, fumigation disinfection, port cargo tracking and other business, we provide "safe, rapid and accurate" declaration service, is the escort of your goods.

As the import and export of goods by sea freight, air freight, inland transportation, insurance, customs clearance, warehousing, logistics distribution, and chartering expert, dragon company has become its own unique logistics concept, make full use of modern electronic commerce system to provide timely, accurate, and valuable services, to meet customer demand, under the guidance of company's business belief, dragon staff to keep the attention of customers and market.