Air Export :

To export all over the world, transit transfer export freight, door to door service.

To deal with domestic agent the port of export goods customs declaration, customs, commodity inspection, etc.

Export goods door to door delivery, land transportation, warehousing and other ground services.

Air Import :

Provide the world's major countries and regions of goods imported by air door to door the entire transport services.   Provide fast customs clearance, regulation, distribution, transshipment, door to door service. 
Provide relevant import documents, customs, supervision and consulting services such as transport.
Convenient for customer service, such as: import agent and freight collect ,etc.

Southeast Asia and other Asian airline business among the top in the industry, can offer high discount rate and shipping space accordingly.                           Advantage routes for points in line operation, provide very professional consulting services, quotation, operation.

Great Dragon Air transporting service----

Air freight business mainly to undertake all types of air cargo transportation and related documentation operation, with major airlines have close relations of cooperation, also has the strong airfreight price advantage, agent DHL, FEDEX, UPS,EMS the global express delivery business.

·   Air export

·   Air import

·   Door to door service

·   Air Charter services

·   Customs Declaration

·   Delivery and distribution

·  Transport insurance